API Reference

The following section states all of the classes and methods directly available to end users.


class image_processor_client.Client[source]

Main client class for end users establishing connection to Image Processor API Server providing all of the categorised Image Methods.

  • connection_url (str, optional) – Base URL to running Image Processor API server. If not specified, attempts to connect to local Image Processor API or developer’s server if available.
  • loop – The event loop to use for asynchronous operations. Uses asyncio.get_event_loop() if not specified.

An instance of MemesMethods class providing all of the available methods for memes category.


An instance of DiscordMethods class providing all of the available methods for discord category.


An instance of ImageUtils providing common utility methods for images.


Closes running aiohttp session and performs basic cleanup.

Image Methods

class image_processor_client.image_methods.MemesMethods[source]

Base class for available memes processing methods.

rip(text: str, avatar_url: str) → bytes[source]

Requests server to process RIP meme using provided parameters and returns image bytes.

  • text (str) – The text to write below avatar of RIP person.
  • avatar_url (str) – Direct link to avatar to be shown in RIP Meme.

Binary image bytes.

Return type:


class image_processor_client.image_methods.DiscordMethods[source]

Base class for available discord imaging methods.


Requests to generate member’s rank card bounded to every discord guild.

  • name (str) – Discord name of the member. Without discriminator.
  • discriminator (str) – Discord discriminator of the member.
  • avatar_url (str) – Direct link to member’s avatar URL.
  • text_rank (int) – Member’s text rank in the guild.
  • voice_rank (int) – Member’s voice rank in the guild.
  • text_xp (int) – Member’s text xp.
  • text_target_xp (int) – The xp needed for the next level.
  • text_total_xp (int) – Total text xp of the member.
  • text_level (int) – Text chat level of the member.
  • voice_xp (int) – Member’s voice xp.
  • voice_target_xp (int) – The xp needed for next voice level.
  • voice_total_xp (int) – Total voice xp of the member.
  • voice_level (int) – Voice level of the member.

Binary image bytes of generated rank card of the member.

Return type:



KeyError – Raise KeyError when any of the required data key is not present.

get_welcome_banner(banner_url: str, avatar_url: str, name: str, discriminator: int, text: str, **options)[source]

Requests for welcome banner mostly used by discord servers to welcome newly joined members with custom text.


It supports most of the image formats including GIFs.

  • banner_url (str) – Direct URL of the banner file to be used as template. It can also be a GIF.
  • avatar_url (str) – Direct URL of member’s avatar to be pasted on banner.
  • name (str) – Discord name of new member or anything.
  • discriminator (int) – The discriminator of the Discord user.
  • text (str) – Custom text to be written after name.
  • border_color (str, optional) – Specify banner border color.
  • font_color (str, optional) – Specify font color for banner text.
  • avatar_border_color (str, optional) – Specify border color for avatar.

Binary image bytes of banner. It can also be a GIF.

Return type:


ss_message(name: str, message_content: str, avatar_url: str, name_color: tuple = None, time_stamp: str = None)[source]

Requests server to process screenshot of a discord message using provided parameters and returns image bytes.


For now it only supports text message content.

  • name (str) – Name of discord User or Member who sent the message.
  • message_content (str) – Full clean message content
  • avatar_url (str) – Direct avatar URL of discord User or Member who sent the message.
  • name_color (tuple, optional) – A tuple representing RGB color of discord User or Message who sent the message. It’s default value is set to (255, 255, 255).
  • time_stamp (str, optional) – String representing date and time stamp of epoch when message was sent. Uses Today at 11:38 AM if not provided.

Binary image bytes which appears as screenshot of a discord message.

Return type:



class image_processor_client.utils.ImageUtils[source]

A common utility class containing methods to fetch details or something of image.

fetch_size(url: str)[source]

Returns total size of content from provided URL querying Content-Length from HTTP headers.

Parameters:url (str) – Direct URL to the content to get size of.
Returns:An integer representing total size of content in bytes.
Return type:int